Ni Mooshoom Napoleon and Noohkhoom Nancy Boyer (née Anderson): Two Michif veterans of 1885’s Battle of Batoche who raised my father’s mother, Eva Andrews (née Henry), and Laura Andrews (née Henry) after their father, Pierre Henry, died in 1911 and their mother, Clara Boyer, remarried to a non-Michif who didn’t like children.

About Us

Niiyanaan lii Michif. Niiyanaan nutr laang.

I speak only for my own family and the teachings with which I have been entrusted and asked to freely share.

If you find it necessary to lash out about things like “correct” spelling of a language spoken by people who could hardly read or write, you’re obviously content to sit and watch as your own language dies.

Parliamentary Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage
Feb. 21, 2019 hearing on Bill C-91: An Act to Protect Indigenous Languages
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