Lesson 1

Okay … there are two rules of Michif club.

Here is the first:


And here is the second:


Don’t those phrases sound alike? That’s because the second word (the word for “practice”) is really just repeat again, and again, and again …

There are many ways to say hello.

Here’s the one you’ll hear most frequently (for more information on this, please see https://liimichif.com/greetings/).

Hello (kind of …)

This is how we ask another person (one person) how they are:

How are you?

And here’s how we might greet a group:

Hello (to more than one person)

And here are more (depending upon the situation, of course):

Good morning!
Good afternoon!
Good evening?

And, finally, two ways of saying your name (I’ll use my own name, but please use yours … unless your name is also Graham, then you can borrow my name …). One is arguably more tricky:

My name is [insert your name here].
[Insert your name here] is what I am named.

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