What is and what wasn’t

Today, we’re going to learn about greeting people, and we’re going to begin with one word you will commonly hear … “Taanishi”!

The word “Taanishi” has become indelibly associated with a form of greeting, but it’s really much more than that. The word actually means “How”, as in “How is [insert animate or inanimate object here]?”

I like to think of it as “What is the quality of [insert animate or inanimate object here]?”

Press on the play button immediately below to hear the word:

Hello (sort of) …

In today’s fast-paced world, we’ve become used to passing people on the street while saying or hearing, “Hey! How’s it going?” The speaker and responder hardly break stride.

Noohkoom would either cry or scream (it really depends on what kind of personality your grandmother has) if she heard this, because, when Noohkoom says, “Taanishi”, she really means: “Taanishi kiiya?”

“What is the quality of YOU?”

Noohkoom is really saying, she wants to know about any news you might have for her or anything you might need to talk about. She’ll probably put on a pot of tea and be willing to listen for as long as you need to talk about your joys, your troubles, or both.

It’s also a great way for her to ask questions about what’s going on with your siblings and parents … Oh. And by the way: She probably already knows the answers to her questions, so don’t even think about fibbing.

How are you?
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